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We are Maschinenhandel Nottuln GmbH


For more than 30 years, MHN has been your reliable partner for repairing, buying, and selling lift trucks. Started as a small family business in 1988, MHN now has 20 employees. We are specialized in purchasing used lift trucks and renovating and converting them to meet your needs. You can put together a forklift based on your own requirements. Just like buying a new one. But at a much lower price. Including a guarantee of up to one year.

By the way, we always have 400 to 500 forklifts for all application areas on display for you to choose from. Please stop by for a visit!


A brief history of MHN:

1988: Company established
1994: Build and moved into a new company site (Otto-Hahn-Straße 7, 48301 Nottuln, Germany)
2006: MHN showroom opened (Otto-Hahn-Straße 13, 48301 Nottuln, Germany)
Today: Your specialized forklift dealer
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